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Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than just saving money or making an  investment strategy. With the right help, planning can set you on a course toward achieving your life goals while minimizing risk, all through the proper management and support of your financial affairs. Glavac Financial Planning Services can guide you through this process.

Demand the gold standard: the CFP designation

✔ Follow internationally recognized standards of knowledge, skills and abilities
✔ Ethically obligated to put their clients' intrests first
✔ Have completed a rigorous edutcation program, passed 2 national exams and have 3 years of qualifying work experience
✔ Complete professional education every year

The Value of advice

Financial advisors can be important in helping investors manage their money and bring value to their clients in three key ways: 

  1. Steering them away from making behavioral mistakes like chasing performance 
  2. Establishing objective re-balancing strategies for clients’ portfolios 
  3. Building complete financial plans that save clients’ time Finding an advisor that can help you build and maintain a strategy for long-term investing has the potential to provide more than just financial returns and may pay off in more ways than you thought of.

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