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Goals-Based Investing

Reach your financial goals

Manulife Goals-Based Investing (GBI) is a unique program that uses variables such as age, income, health factors and postal code to help customers get a clearer picture of the income they may need at retirement. The GBI program also includes a built-in investment solution designed to help clients with their retirement income goals.

Manulife Goals-Based Investing will not only help better project the income needed during different phases of retirement, but also tailor an investment strategy designed to provide investors with a higher degree of confidence in the projected minimum income to help meet their retirement income goals.

Goals Based Approach 

More likely to meet investment


Retirement goal

50% Equity
50% Fixed Income   

Cottage goal

70% Equity
30% Fixed Income

Family goal
100% Equity

 It starts with you

You need professional support to guide you in goal-based investing which yields more positive investing results. This client-centric approach puts you at the centre of the plan.

You will talk with a professional who will work with you to understand your:
  • personal situation
  • financial goals
  • short term needs
  • long term objectives including estate planning and philanthropic aspirations
Together, we then attribute a risk level and time horizon to each goal and build the best possible risk-adjusted portfolios to help you reach your objectives
You’ll have personalized distinct portfolios, managed and reported on separately, to help you meet each individual goal

The countdown is on…

If you’re 10 years away from retirement, you only have 260 more pay cheques to help build your retirement savings. Please click here or speak to me to find out how Manulife RetirementPlus can help you get on the path to reaching your retirement goals.

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